Via-Ferrata initiation


Via-Ferrata initiation

This beginner’s via ferrata is set on a rocky bar above the village of Levassaix. It is a 15-minute walk away.
With 80 meters of elevation gain over a total length of 350 meters, this course is well suited for initiation. Indeed, in addition to the obvious playful side, it is a good way to test your reactions to the void (or rather back to the void) and to get used to rub “gas” (empty in Savoyard patois).

Mandatory : 
from 10 years
participant size: minimum 1.40m
Material provided

Equipment : 
Hiking shoes. 
In the mountains, the weather changes very quickly: thunderstorms do not prevent and the sun is never very far behind the clouds. Always carry in a small backpack what to deal with all situations: a sweater or a fleece, a rainwear, water, a snack, sunglasses, cap, sunscreen.

The little + : 
Guaranteed stock! You are sure to be able to perform this activity during your stay;)