Meeting in the mountains: "Fêtes musicales de Savoie"


Nestling in the vibrant heart of the French Alps, the "Fêtes musicales de Savoie" offer a unique experience that combines the majesty of the mountains with the finesse of classical music. This year, Saint-Martin-de-Belleville is hosting two exceptional concerts, inviting music lovers and nature enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world where art resonates between the peaks.

The "Etesiane" symphony orchestra on 30 July 2024

This concert promises an immersion in the classical and contemporary repertoire. Conducted by Gabriel Hollander, the 50 musicians share a love of music and a desire to touch the hearts of a diverse audience. Their performance, in the church of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, is an invitation to rediscover the classics in a new light, at the heart of Alpine baroque art.

Piano recital - Léonor Mendes on 06 August 2024

An artist of international renown, her presence in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville is an honour and a unique opportunity to experience chamber music in an intimate and inspiring setting. Her programme, combining virtuosity and emotion, promises unforgettable moments. 

Book your place online 

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville booking centre plays a key role in facilitating this cultural event, offering visitors a seamless experience for booking their musical stays. Whether it's for the "Etesiane" symphony orchestra or the recital by Léonor Mendes, you can book your place online. You can also choose to combine your stay with accommodation.

Alongside these magnificent concerts, this is an opportunity to discover or rediscover an Alpine valley rich in history, culture and breathtaking scenery. Residents and visitors alike, immerse yourself in the beauty of musical excellence.