Checklist for a summer in the mountains


Going to the mountains this summer? You are afraid to forget something or you don't know what to take in your suitcase? Discover our checklist to have a great stay in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville!

The essentials to put in your suitcase for a stay in the mountains:

  • shorts and t-shirts
  • appropriate glasses with good protection
  • waterproof windbreaker to protect you from the wind and possible showers
  • fleece jacket, as it can be cool once the sun goes down
  • Sunscreen (yes, the sun does beat down in the mountains)
  • pyjamas, underwear and toiletries (it seems logical ^^)
  • shoes (no high heels girls, sneakers will do)
  • swimsuit and a towel (even in the mountains there are plenty of opportunities to swim!)

Planning a hike?

  • pair of walking shoes
  • backpack 
  • first aid kit (in case of minor injuries during your walk)
  • cap 
  • headlamp (it gets dark quickly)

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Accessories for a summer in the mountains  

  • cap or hat (as for hikers, even if you don't plan to go on long walks, take something to protect yourself from the sun) 
  • camera (to take pictures of the panoramas, the fauna and the flora and to have nice memories) 
So, are you ready for the adventure? Discover all our activities and accommodations for a stay at the top!