A tailor-made stay with Saint-Martin de Belleville booking center


Do you appreciate elegant addresses and good gastronomy ? Do you love the slopes of the 3 Vallées ? Dive into the heart of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and savour the pleasure of a tailor-made stay. 

Saint-Martin-de-Belleville : enjoy a tailor-made stay 

It 's not for nothing that we say that Saint-Martin-de-Belleville is the confidential gem. Halfway between tradition and authenticity, this resort offers tailor-made stays between Savoyard charm and luxury chalets.


Saint-Martin-de-Belleville Reservation offers customizable stays:

  • Once you have chosen your accommodation, add the activities, prestations and services you wish to carry out during your stay. A wide selection is available to you : ski pass 3 Vallées, ski lessons, unusual activities (trail grooming, creation of igloo, theme evening), sports and fun activities (sledge, sports center), luggage service and shower.

The total of your stay is displayed, you can finalize the reservation.

What are the advantages of booking a tailor-made stay with Saint-Martin de Belleville booking center ?


Price advantage

By booking your accommodation and activities with Saint-Martin-de-Belleville booking center, you benefit from preferential prices and personalized services. 

A practical advantage

No nasty surprises when you arrive, all your activities are booked in advance, you are sure to have a place !  Another important point is that you leave with peace of mind. Why ? Because only one person takes care of everything, from booking your accommodation to booking your activities and services. Saint-Martin de Belleville booking center knows the resort at its fingertips and can answer all your questions.


Saving time 

Once there, no waiting at the different ticket offices, your activities are already booked and you already have your tickets ! To give a concrete example, your ski equipment is prepared in advance, you just have to recover it.


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