This summer, discover our mountains otherwise...


The Belleville Valley, 

Located between 1,200 and 3,200 metres above sea level, the Vallée des Belleville, with its flower-filled meadows rising up to snow-capped peaks, will broaden your horizons. You can explore all facets of mountain life here, from the authentic village of Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, to the lakes of Les Menuires, the green meadows melting into the blue of the glaciers, and the outline of the ridges of Val Thorens. 
Here, in just one day, you can climb up and race down the paths on a mountain bike or on a hike, take in the view of Mont-Blanc from the peaks, dip your toes in Les Grenouilles mountain lake, return to lower ground and explore the secret valley of Deux-Nants, savour the delight of enjoying a blueberry tart together, taste the full-bodied flavour of Beaufort cheese in an alpine farm and enjoy the tranquillity of the Doron valley with its many streams...or explore it from the skies while paragliding. Then you can enjoy a night close to the stars in a mountain refuge by Lake Lou.

The peaks will lift you mentally and physically, whether walking along marked paths and mountain routes, hiking or with the family and a pushchair. The stunning panoramic views and Alpine peaks invite you to reconnect with yourself. Meeting the locals, seeing the region and enjoying the traditions of Belleville will open up new horizons. 

Enjoy a change of scene, reach out, share, relax and recharge, dare, climb mountains, push your own boundaries to the limit and then return home a new person!

Everyone can feel the exhilaration of new adventures and enjoy an uplifting experience in the Vallée des Belleville.