Will the health pass be compulsory to use the lifts?


The health pass AND face masks are compulsory when using the ski lifts, and while you are waiting in the queues. Specialised staff may be present to check, and you will be issued with a warning if the rules are not respected.

This will be checked at the departure for the ski lifts and when you purchase your ski passes from the desks. 

Masks must be worn everywhere throughout the resort.

From 15/01, following the French Prime Minister's announcement on Monday 27/12/2021, presenting the project to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass "for access to leisure activities, restaurants and drinking establishments, trade fairs, seminars and trade shows or inter-regional transport", the health pass requirement should be transformed into a vaccination pass requirement for access to ski lifts, bars and restaurants.

Update date : 29/12/2021