1/ Booking conditions
1.1/ General information
The tariffs include all of the reserved services which are in the contract, except the local holiday tax, and any further supplements booked and provided on site, which will be payable direct to the service provider.
The client should be insured against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage, either through an extension to main residence insurance or with special holiday insurance.
In general, the accommodation services start on the first day at 17h and go through until the last indicated day up to 10h in the morning. If this is not so, then arrival and departure times should be clearly indicated on the final voucher.
1.2/ Payment
If the booking takes place more than 30 days before your holiday starts, you should pay The Booking Centre:
  • a deposit of 30% of the total cost
  • Fees (€11 for accommodation and €5 for some prestations)
  • you will have the option of taking the cancellation – interruption insurance.
If payment is less than 30 days before the start of your holiday, you should pay us the full amount.
1.3 For your arrival
On reception of the balance, The Booking Centre will send you a voucher on which is noted the details of the services booked as well as arrival details. This voucher should be given to the accommodation provider on arrival.
For all arrivals after the indicated time or outside of the hours of opening, please advise the accommodation provider directly, by using the telephone number on the voucher.
Your dossier can be viewed 24h/24h.
2/ Cancellation conditions:
All reservation cancellation should be confirmed by registered letter to The Booking Centre. In addition, all modifications to bookings should be in writing (letter, fax or email).
You have to keep the Booking Centre informed of any change about the persons coming for the stay (name, age….). If you don’t give us right information, the cancellations conditions below won’t be applicable.
The Booking Centre offers for every booking an optional cancellation – interruption insurance for your holiday. It costs 3 % of the total amount of the accommodation (excluding local holiday tax). This permits the full reimbursement of the accommodation cost paid, so long as the reason for cancellation is included in the list of guarantees defined in the insurance policy ( see paragraph 4/).
If you do not want the cancellation – interruption insurance for your holiday, we thank you to notice it in the present contract. Without any information from you, we will consider that you want to subscribe at the cancellation – interruption insurance for your holiday. Once your payment is done, no change would be possible regarding the subscription or not at the cancellation – interruption insurance for your holiday.
Cancellation charges without insurance are as follows:
Cancellation + 30 days before the holiday starts = 30 % of the total will be kept by the Reservation Centre.
Cancellation between 29 and 15 days before the holiday starts = 50% of the total amount kept.
Cancellation between 14 and 8 days before the holiday starts = 75% of the total amount kept.
Cancellation between 7 days and the day of arrival = 100% of the total amount kept.
Please note that all modifications leading to a change of accommodation from a smaller apartment to a bigger, or any changes in dates, will be considered as a cancellation of the initial order to which the above cancellation charges will be applicable. Your request has to be made per post mail, email or fax.
Be careful, in case of modification or cancellation of complementary services, you must send us an email, a mail or a fax and you first have to pay the total amount and you will be reimbursed after.
The complementary services, other than the accommodation, the shuttle services and the ski wear rental, will be reimbursed completely by The Booking Centre, if they have been cancelled before the beginning of their valid period, except for the ESF ski lessons, for which cancellation fees of 20€ will be deducted. For the shuttle services and the ski wear rental, the cancellation fees will be the same as the accommodation fees (see above).
All interruption to a holiday due to a personal reason will not attract any repayment from the Reservation Centre.
On the rare occasion that The Booking Centre has to modify or cancel a reserved service, the Reservation Centre promises to offer a replacement service which will be offered in writing, and which you must accept or refuse within 24 hours. If you accept the new proposition, you will receive a new contract.
Please note that if a reply has not been received within the specified time, the new proposition will be considered as accepted.
In case of litigation, the rules laid out in article 101 of Décret N°94-490 dated 15th June 1994 concerning client compensation due to cancellation or modification to the service.

Serenity offer winter 2020-2021 :
Refund until 8 days before your arrival.
Offer available on selected accomodation

The reasons covered by this guarantee are:

  • Confinement/travel restrictions/month-long or fortnight-long quarantine imposed in your town or country of origin or in the Les Menuires resort
  • If the resort is closed for health reasons
  • If one of the people supposed to come on the trip becomes infected with COVID-19, this person can cancel his part of the booking at any time up to and including the day before your departure (providing you submit documentary evidence in the form of a medical certificate or positive test result)


  • Any requests for reimbursement where the grounds were known at the time of booking (confinement, closed borders, quarantine already in force in the country of origin, etc.) will be refused
  • Sales realised via tour operators, whose terms and conditions of sale will continue to apply
Cancelation must be confirmed by email to our services latest 8 days before your arrival.

3/ Complaints:
All complaints concerning a holiday must be addressed to The Booking Centre by registered letter.
However, if there is litigation due to the fault of the accommodation provider, the accommodation not conform to its description, the Reservation Centre can, in no way, be held responsible. The Booking Centre, acting as your intermediary, will do everything it can to find a solution through repair and compensation.
No services disputed after the valid starting date can be reimbursed or counter partied by The Booking Centre.
4/ Holiday cancellation or interruption insurance: CONTRACT N°5138048.492
4.1 Holiday cancellation
Cost: 3% of the total accommodation cost (minimum 5 € per dossier)
Definition: The insured is the guest of the stay, his or her spouse or concubine, their relatives in the ascending or descending lines, sons in law, daughters in law, brothers,, sisters or persons mentioned or designated.
1- Glass coverage within a limit of EUR 2 287 including EUR 137 for temporary closing costs. Absolute excess of EUR 65. 00 per claim.2- Other damages to property rented belonging to the owner: within a limit of EUR 2 287 for all damages occurring during the stay period. Absolute excess of EUR 65.00 per claim.3 - Civil liability
3.1. – Within a limit of EUR 1 524 490 for every liability of the renter to the owner within a limit of EUR 457 347 for neighbour and third party claims.
3.2. – The Insurer guarantees the owner of rented premises against the financial consequences of any civil liability he may incur in connection with bodily injuries, material damage and losses caused to the renters or occupiers as a result of an accidence in connection with the facilities and/or things of the rented premises within a limit of EUR 1 524 490 for bodily injuries and EUR 38 112 for material damages and financial losses.
The SUBSCRIBER states that he is acting both for his account and on behalf of renter vacationers spending holidays in the villas, furnished apartments or other facilities of the SUBSCRIBER (mobile – homes, chalets...)
4.1 Interruption insurance
The insured person must inform The Booking Centre by recorded delivery letter at the latest 5 days after knowing it won’t be possible for him to come.
The insured must send to Les Menuires’ reservation the written proof for the cancellation (medical certificates …) and a proof from the accommodation provider of the interruption of stay.
The insured accepts that the insurance doctor have access to his medical file.
This document is a resume of the general conditions of the contract 5138048.492, it is not a contract. You can receive a copy of the general contract conditions by asking at the Reservation Centre.
Coverage of sums already paid and sums not yet paid by the tenant under the rental contract (excluding insurance, administrative costs and miscellaneous expenses) in the event of cancellation of the stay due to one of the following events:
1.    Serious illness, serious injury or death of:
-    the tenant, his/her spouse, partner, PACS partner, their ascendants et descendants, members of the close family, as well as all persons designated as occupants in the rental contract.
-    the person in charge of:
o    the professional replacement of the tenant (independent or liberal professions, medical or paramedical) or
o    custody of the tenant’s minor or disabled children.
Serious Illness or serious injury means any deterioration in health or bodily harm that makes it impossible to leave the home or hospital establishment, where the treatment is given, or prevents the practice of the activity, which is the main purpose of the stay.
2.    Fire, explosion, theft, water damage or natural event leading to significant damage to the tenant’s home occurring before his departure or during his stay and imperatively requiring his presence on the site of the disaster or his second home or business belonging to him.
3.    Professional reasons :
•    dismissal or transfer of the tenant or his spouse, partner or PACS partner EXCEPT dismissal for serious misconduct
•    deletion or modification of the date of holidays by the tenant’s employer, provided that the tenant is notified after the booking date.
4.    Divorce or separation of the tenant and his/her spouse or PACS partner.
5.    Impossibility of access to the place of stay by road, air, rail or sea on the day of the beginning of the rental and within 48 hours following, as a result of roadblocks or strikes, flooding or natural event certified by the competent authority, traffic accident of the renter, theft or attempted theft of the renter's vehicle.
6.    Lack or excess of snow if in the 48 hours before or after the beginning of the rental, more than 2/3 of the ski area concerned is closed according to the snow report.
7.    Prohibition of sites due to pollution, natural disaster, health reasons or forest fires.
8.    Administrative summons, medical summons, new job of the tenant or his spouse, partner or PACS partner.
9.    Visa refusal by the authorities of the country visited.
10.    Theft of the identity card or passport of the lessee or any person who is to occupy the property.
11.    Professional booking for an assignment within the framework of a contract with a client, in the event of loss of the contract or assignment by the employer of his employee to another assignment.
12.    Cancellation by the landlord due to death, serious illness, serious injury of the landlord, transfer or sale of the property, damage to the premises preventing the use of the rented premises resulting from fire, explosion, water damage, theft, vandalism, storm, natural disasters.
Reimbursement of unused rental services in the event of interruption or late arrival of the tenant in the premises due to the events listed in the guarantee Stay cancellation EXCEPT for professional transfer, divorce or separation, impossibility to access the place of stay, visa refusal, theft of identity papers, professional booking.
This list is not complete, for any particular case, please contact us at +33 4 79 00 79 79
•    Illness or accident known at the time of booking,
•    Any worsening of health having manifested itself the month before the booking,
•    Relapses of illness that has been the subject of an event, aggravation or complication in the month preceding the booking,
•    Pregnancy, except for any complications due to this condition, miscarriage, childbirth and after-effects,
•    Execution of a thermal cure, except for chronic illnesses whose evolution at the time of departure prevented it,
•    Aesthetic (except following a serious illness or injury), psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous breakdown, unless hospitalisation for at least 3 days,
•    Accident caused by the practice of a sport as a professional as well as air sports, bobsleigh, skeleton, rock-climbing, ice hockey, motor sports, scuba diving.
 Damages directly or indirectly related to:
o foreign war and civil war,
o all direct or indirect effects of explosion, heat release, irradiation from transmutation of atomic nuclei or radioactivity or exposure to any substance or contamination of a biological or chemical nature,
o    losses due to alcoholism, drunkenness, drugs, use of narcotics or medication not medically prescribed,
o    the insured’s intentional act or suicide or attempted suicide,
 All the consequences of the “SARS-CoV-2 ou Covid-19” epidemic, and their mutation(s), as well as the direct or indirect consequences of epidemics and/or pandemics of diseases of viral and/or bacterial origin which are the subject of a declaration of public health emergency by a State or by the WHO, or which lead, in at least one State, to a public health policy involving restrictive and constraining measures in terms of population movement and health treatment.
The absence of randomness,
Application fees, cleaning costs, insurance premium, airport taxes (reimbursed by the carrier or any collecting body) and visa fees are non-refundable.
5. Privacy and personal data protection
The information asked (name, address, age, ski level…) is necessary to complete your booking file.
The information provided is electronically processed to manage your subscription. The data is kept for at least 5 years. The data is used by the booking Center and Les Menuires and Saint Martin de Belleville Tourist Offices who may send you offers and resorts information.
According to the French Data Protection Act of January 6th 1978, updated in 2004, you have the right to access or change your personal data by writing to LES MENUIRES RESERVATION –Immeuble l'Adret – 73440 LES MENUIRES - reservation@lesmenuires.com. You can also, for legitimate reasons, opposed to any treatment of information about you.